Armonia water

How do you feel?

Harmony is a new product on the Romanian market, born from desire and the need of society as a whole, to find balance and inner calm, to return to nature and purity. The human body represents 70% water, hence the importance of consuming water that makes you feel at peace with yourself, in perfect harmony with your own body and soul, restoring your inner balance and calm.

The area of ​​origin of the Harmonia water is represented by the Valea Bogatii spring, located in the Padurea Bogatii area, Brasov county. The natural setting of this area is wonderful, as if torn from childhood fairy tales, a natural reservation of faunal, floristic and geological type, which is located in the central part of the Persian Mountains, on the northeastern territory of Brasov County.

The Bogatii Forest is an area with pastures, but also one of the most important deciduous forests in the country, with a predominant composition of beech, sessile oak and hornbeam. The very rich and diversified fauna is well represented by vertebrates: deer, bear, wolf and lynx, but also invertebrates.

The basic principle behind Doripesco is the quality of its products and services. In addition, we support a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, the naturalness and quality of the products being our main business card, whether we are talking about the water product, or fish products.
Throughout the activities we have carried out, we have tried to teach people that they are responsible for the health of their own lives, but also for the health of the families they belong to. For this reason, everything we consume affects our health and can affect us in the long run.

Doripesco is in a continuous process of development - research, which is why we will continue this fight for awareness and responsibility of the population regarding healthy eating and lifestyle.


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