Fishing at Doripesco

Fishing has been practiced by humans since ancient times, to provide a good part of their food. Over time, things have evolved, and fishing is no longer a necessity, a way of survival, becoming a hobby, even a method of recreation. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the protector of sailors and fishermen.

Things have evolved, tools have changed, from spears to ultra-modern nets and equipment. Sport fishing has developed quite well and quite quickly, due to people's passion and obsession with improving and demonstrating fishing skills.


Birdwatching is a recreational and relaxing activity common in the West, but which is beginning to make its presence felt in our country.

Doripesco invites you to Dumbrăviţa, in the Carpathian Delta, as it was well called, due to the fact that here are over 200 species of birds, some of them being included in the international directives and conventions on the protection fauna: marmot, red heron, red duck, field goat, etc.

For some species, it is the area with the largest numbers observed in Transylvania (black stork, great egret, great grebe, white caliph, black squirrel).


In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity done in moderation, carried out in order to maintain, with the hunting weapon, the balance in nature. Specifically, in order to maintain the balance between predatory and plantivorous game species.

For real hunters, hunting was, and is, quite different. It is first and foremost a call from within, ancient, which I feel irresistibly to hunt and nature. But one thing is very clear: hunting is generally practiced out of passion.


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